Lift Tank

Made in the USA, Cellofoam North America’s PERMAFLOAT rotationally molded Lift Tanks can be used to gain freeboard (height above the water) on existing docks, temporarily lift dock sections for repairs and/or replacement of flotation, and also to eliminate twisting and listing to stabilize the dock. Also suitable for use in boat lift construction. PERMAFLOAT Marine Lift Tanks are large Heavy Wall air tanks that can be filled with water to submerge them and then re-floated by evacuating the water with air pressure. Our Marine Lift Tanks are a hollow one piece rotationally molded part manufactured from durable virgin linear low density polyethylene black material with ultraviolet inhibitors, available in both .300” nominal wall thickness and .375 heavy wall thickness. This material meets Industry Standards, offering a balance of toughness, rigidity and environmental stress crack resistance as well as low temperature impact performance. Quick Facts • Resistant to damage from the sun, salt water, fresh water, debris, oil, gas and marine organisms, making them virtually maintenance free. • Uniform, consistent thickness throughout tank. • Molded-in integral slots for easy and durable mounting. • Tanks include 1 inch pre-inserted pipe-thread hose fitting. • 100% tank tested for integrity. • Destructive puncture and thickness testing performed for each production run.

Boat lifts vary by design based on water depth and vessel weight. Cellofoam’s Shallow Water Lift Tank is designed with a lower profile for operation in water depths of at least three feet. Like our Marine Lift Tanks, the shallow water tank is 100% tank tested for leaks and is molded of durable polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. Typically the tank outlets are uncut and sealed unless otherwise specified to allow each customer to utilize only the outlets needed for their specific application. Multiple tanks can be combined on a single boat lift to increase lift capability on larger vessels. Custom color and private logo tanks are available for a nominal charge.

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