Permaport 3 Year Warranty

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of Cellofoam Permaports. Cellofoam warrants this product to be free from materials and manufacturing defects for a period of 3 years in private use or 1 year in commercial use.

The polyethylene shell is warranted against, peeling, cracking, sloughing or excessive fading from UV exposure. This product is filled with positive flotation in the form of expanded polystyrene and should the shell be perforated, the unit will remain afloat. The warranty period begins on the purchase date of the Permaport from an authorized Permaport dealer, distributor or Cellofoam facility.

Warranty claims must be received in writing at the corporate offices of Cellofoam by mail or fax (770-860-1725) within the above specified time periods. All claims must include the dated original bill of sale, where purchased and the problem you are experiencing with your Permaport along with contact information.

Upon inspection by a Cellofoam representative to determine if the warranty claim meets the above criteria and that it is deemed defective, we will repair or replace the product or refund your purchase price within a reasonable period of time. Warranty repairs, replacement or refunds will be solely the decision of Cellofoam. If we decide to replace your product we may replace with either a new or reconditioned Permaport. Cellofoam will not warrant this product if there is damage from improper installation or abuse, if used for any purpose other than the docking of jet skis, damage by forces of nature including but not limited to ice, wind, fire or flood nor if damaged in shipment or by vandalism.


This warranty is the only warranty for the Permaport, and it sets forth all our responsibilities for the Permaport.

There are no other warranties either expressed or implied regarding this product.

Purchaser agrees that any legal action for breach of this warranty shall only be brought in the court of Rockdale, County in Conyers, GA. Regardless of where the Permaport was purchased or used.

March 6, 2008